Françoise is a foodie, but not a nutritionist or a dietitian. By profession, she’s an IT geek and data analyst. You may want to take any nutrition advice from her with a dash of… um… pepper?

Please note that the reason I specify the brands I used in a recipe is so that you know where I got my nutritional information from. It is not necessarily the brand with the lowest sodium, just the one with the lowest sodium that I was able to find in my grocery store. If you can find a brand with lower sodium, or low enough sodium and less fat or fewer calories, or one that just tastes better to you, go for it! Just adjust the nutrition information for yourself.

1 thought on “About”

  1. Thank for stopping by my buttermilk scones, I really appreciate that you even read my post, thanks for that too. You have a nice blog, nice recipes worth trying. Have a wonderful weekend.

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